So there are tours every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. But I’ll be in Utrecht on Monday. Any chance there still is a tour?

Unfortunately not.

What language is the tour, and do you also give tours in Spanish/French/Chinese/Limburgs?

All tours are in English (with a slight accent).

Is it really free?

Sure, if you want to. Contrary to most Free Tour organizers, we are completely independent and non-commercial. Guiding is our hobby. If you liked the tour, you can give us a donation according to your own budget. We will use it to cover our expenses.

Isn’t three hours a bit long to tour a small city like Utrecht?

To be honest with you, it’s much too short. Utrecht boasts an incredibly rich history and in three hours we can show you only a part of the historical city center. There will be a refreshment break half way. But yeah, if you hate walking, this tour is probably not the right thing for you.

Oh shit, the weather is awful. Think I’d rather stay in…

Check this handy Dutch thing: buienradar. The sun might come out in a few minutes! If not, we can decide together to take a shorter route, or visit some extra indoor locations. So far we have never cancelled a tour due to bad weather. That’s right, never! If you make sure you dress accordingly, we make sure you still enjoy the tour. Note: in the colder months it’s advisable to dress extra warm. Standing still cools you down quickly.

How many people are in the group?

Between 5 and 30. It’s always a surprise! If more people show up, we split the group.

I’m organizing a day out for a group of XX people, can we join a Free Tour?

Please contact us and we’ll try to arrange a private tour for you guys.

What will we see on the tour?

Way too much to summarize here! But on an average tour, we will visit the central and southern area of the old city: from Domplein to Ledig Erf and back northward to the city hall. Been there before? Don’t worry, even Utrecht born locals have learned lots of new stuff on our tours.

Is the tour always the same?

Not really. We have one ‘standard’ route, but what you will actually see and hear depends on your guide, the weather, perhaps your special requests… Moreover, our tours are always evolving as we continue to learn new stuff and see the city change! There are some alternative routes we like to follow every once in a while, such as through the northern part of the city center, or through the bustling multicultural neighborhood of Lombok. If you’d like to join those tours, contact us to check when they’re on.