When is a tour?

  • Regular (city center) tours: every Saturday from 12:00 until 15:00 and every Sunday from 14:00 until 17:00. Even on national holidays.
  • Lombok tour: every first Sunday of the month from 12:00 until 15:00.
  • There are no tours on weekdays, but if you’re with a group, you can send us a message to ask if one of our guides is available!

Oh shit, the weather is awful. Is the tour still on?

  • Yes it is! So far we have never cancelled a tour due to weather conditions. When it’s raining or very cold, we can together decide to take a shorter route. Make sure you dress accordingly and we’ll make sure you still enjoy it! In the colder months, it’s advisable to dress extra warm (standing still cools you down very quickly).

Do you give tours in Spanish/French/Chinese/Limburgs?

  • Sorry, all tours are in English (with a slight accent).

We are with a group of more than five people, can we join?

  • Please let us know in advance! Preferrably by a message on our Facebook page, or you can use the contact form. If your group has 10-15 people or more, we may not be able to accommodate you on a regular tour. But please contact us, and perhaps we can arrange a private tour for you!

Is it really free?

  • ¬†Yes it is. Contrary to most Free Tours organizers, we are completely non-commercial. Guiding is our hobby. If you liked the tour, you can give us a small donation according to your own budget. We will also use it to cover our expenses.

How can I sign up for the next tour?

  • You can’t and don’t need to. Just be there at the Dom Tower (or Het Gegeven Paard for the Lombok tour) at the specified time.

How many people are in the group?

  • Between 5 and 30. It’s always a surprise! If more people show up, we split the group.

What will we see on the regular tour?

  • We will visit the central and southern area of the old city: from Domplein to Ledig Erf and back northward to Mariaplaats or the city hall (see also our Gallery and Links). Been there already? Don’t worry, even Utrecht born locals have learned lots of new things on our tours.

Is the tour always the same?

  • Not really. We have ‘standard’ routes, but what you will actually see and hear depends on your guide, the weather, things going on in the city, etcetera. Moreover, our tours are always evolving as we continue to learn new stuff and see the city change!

Is the tour suitable for people in wheelchairs?

  • Sure, but prepare for lots of cobble stone streets and narrow pavements!