Is it really free?

Yes, if you want! Unlike most other free tour operators around the world, we don’t run ‘free’ tours to make money. We are locals passionate about our city and run the tours as a hobby. If you liked the tour, one option of showing your gratitude is leaving a donation according to your own budget. We will use it to cover our expenses such as this website.

What language is the tour, and do you also give tours in Spanish/French/Chinese/Limburgs?

All tours are in English (with a slight accent). We can give tours in Dutch on request, but not in any other language.

I’m organizing a day out for a group of people, can we join a Free Tour?

Our tours are free for individuals and small groups. If you’re with a group of more than 5 people, we may not be able to accomodate you on a regular tour. Please contact us beforehand, in case of short notice: by a Facebook message.

Or can we book one of your guides?

Yes, you can send us a message to ask if one of us is available to give a private tour.

Oh shit, the weather is awful. Think I’d rather stay in…

Check this handy Dutch thing: buienradar. The sun might come out in a few minutes! If not, we can decide together to take a shorter route, or visit some indoor locations. We have never cancelled a tour due to bad weather. If you make sure you dress accordingly, we make sure you can still enjoy the tour. Note: in the colder months it’s highly recommended to dress extra warm. The Dutch wind and high humidity can be rather unpleasant and standing still cools you down quickly!

Isn’t 2.5 hours a bit long to tour a small city like Utrecht?

Honestly, it’s much too short. Utrecht boasts an incredibly rich history and in 2.5 hours we can only show you a small part of the medieval city. But well, if you hate walking, our tours are probably not the right thing for you.

What will we see on the regular tour?

Way too much to summarize here! But on an average tour, we will visit the central and southern area of the old city: from Domplein towards Centraal Museum and back northward to Mariaplaats. Been there before? Don’t worry, even Utrecht-born locals have seen and learned lots of new stuff on our tours.

Does the tour include climbing the Dom Tower?

No, climbing the tower is only possible with a guided tour booked at the tourism office or at www.domtoren.nl.

Is the tour always the same?

Not really. Especially the regular tour will differ depending on your guide, the weather, perhaps your special requests… Themed tours cover subjects we address only briefly or not at all during the regular tour.

Can I become a guide?

Yes, if you share our passion for the city’s history and for good stories! We are not professionally organized and we don’t offer jobs. Personal initiative, lots of time investment, and of course verbal communication skills are required. If you’re interested in joining us, just send us a message!