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All tours start at the base of the Dom Tower in the center of Utrecht. Your guide is wearing a red shirt or holding a sign.



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Every Wednesday and Saturday there’s a tour at 12:00, and every Sunday at 14:00. Also on holidays and in bad weather! The tours take 2,5 to 3 hours and usually include a short break.


Meet us at the base of the Dom Tower (tall old thing at the picture), at the side of the square. Your guide is wearing a red shirt or sweater, or holds a sign with our logo.


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Only if you’re with a group of more than 5 people, we ask you to contact us in advance. Large groups we may not be able to accomodate on a regular tour, but please send us a message (using the form below or Facebook) and we’ll try to arrange a private tour for you guys!

“We discovered that the city is another hidden gem. Our guide provided a great tour, almost 3 hours of entertaining history. His insights added to the charm that we found in this beautiful and dynamic city.”

New Hampshire, usa

“The relaxed pace of the walk provides you ample time to gaze about and take in Utrecht’s lovely architecture. The well explained historical tidbits shed a new light on the beautiful city. Our guide’s passion for Utrecht was palpable and really the secret sauce which made the walk such a lovely day out.”

Wokingham, UK

“It was very informative, entertaining and complex. I appreciated the pleasant atmosphere, natural speech and personal approach. If any of you hesitate about taking this tour, just don’t! You will have a great time and hear stories you can’t find in any ‘official’ tourist guide.”

Breclav, czech republic

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Please check the FAQ first if you have a question about our tours. If you have an urgent question, it’s better to send us a message on Facebook.

This is us


Favorite places in Utrecht: Lepelenburg and the University Library on the Drift.

Favorite activities: Playing field hockey, giving city tours and drinking coffee at Pampalini. Where I like to go out: Poema, Kampong TD, De Kneus and any festival that just happened to have been organized. Favorite shops: Albert Heijn (I always miss them when I’m abroad) and Visjes,  a great fish shop.


Favorite places in Utrecht: The University Library in the city center. It’s housed in the former palace of Louis Napoleon. Beautiful combination of books, history and oddity.

Favorite activities: Cycling through the center, drinking at the canal, just wandering about and soaking in this beautiful town. Where I like to go out: I like to drink a beer at Kafe België or Mick O’Connels. Favorite shops: IJs&Zopie is a definite favourite: best ice cream and coffee in town. For bread it’s het Vlaamsche Broodhuys.


Favorite places in Utrecht: The many city theatres (Springhaver, Louis Hartlooper, ’t Hoogt, de Stadsschouwburg etc.).

Favorite activities: Doing sports and improvisational theatre. Having beers and a dance at a bar. Wandering around Utrecht on a sunny afternoon. Where I like to go out: Ledig Erf, De Zaak, Kafé België, SOIA, Café Olivier, Derrick and Back & Fourth. Favorite shops: The many different bookstores (second-hand, travel and guidebooks or just brand new).


Favorite places in Utrecht: The canals, the neighborhood of Lombok, central station departure hall.

Favorite activities: Kayaking on the canals, going for drinks and alternative movies, cycling madly through crowds of shopping people at the Oudegracht. Where I like to go out: EKKO, ACU, Bodytalk. Favorite shops: The furniture design stores around the Oudegracht, the many thrift shops, any place that sells food.


Favorite places in Utrecht: Twijnstraat aan de Werf, the only place along the canal where houses are built directly at the water. Wilhelmina Park, with its beautiful trees and ponds.

Favorite activities: Exploring neighbourhoods outside the city centre. It can be rewarding just to walk around places where you would normally not go, like Lombok or the beautiful green area of Lunetten. Where I like to go out: Café Olivier, a bar located in a former church, the art house cinemas like Springhaver and Louis Hartlooper and the many festivals. Favorite shops: Book shop Interglobe, a wonderful place to get inspiration for new travels.


Favorite places in Utrecht: Janskerkhof in winter with Christmas decorations hanging from the trees, Mariaplaats in summer where you can have a drink while listening to music drifting through the open windows of the University of the Arts.

Favorite activities: Having drinks in one of the cafés surrounding Dom square, continuing our quest for the best tapas restaurant in Utrecht and simply enjoying all the crazy people that elbow their way through the crowded streets along the Oudegracht. Where I like to go out: ‘t Gras van de Buren and bars surrounding Neude. Favorite shops: Boekhandel Bijlevelt, where I always buy more books than I should; all the shops in Twijnstraat, and the ‘Kruideniersmuseum’, for the best traditional Dutch candy in the cutest little shop!


Favorite places in Utrecht: Oude Hortus (old botanical garden, often part of the Saturday tour), the railway museum, the canals of course.

Favorite activities in Utrecht: Cycling (especially at rush hours), enjoying the many cultural festivals (check to see what’s on), guiding! Where I like to go out: TivoliVredenburg, a unique concert venue with 5 rooms for all styles of music, from classical to techno. Favorite shops: Shops where you can buy things that you need.


Favorite places in Utrecht:  Louis Hartlooper, the many churches, the Roman history, the brutalistic and modernistic campus area and Kanaleneiland, the mangnificent waterways, defensive systems and beautiful castles in the area.

Favorite activities: love the rowing club, swimming near the mint, eating and buying stuff at Kanaalstraat. Favorite shops: love the small shops at Twijnstraat. Where I like to go out: enjoy the disco Derrick, Tilt, the old Heerenplein, Cafe West, Cafe Olivier and for eating Podium by the Dom, Héron, De Keuken van Gastmaal and many other. Come and experience it for yourselves.


Favorite places in Utrecht: hostel Strowis where I also work. Cafe Kopi Susu: lots of spacious windows, food and music near my place. Favorite activities: I love to hang around at Muntkade in summer to swim, or mountainbike at Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Where I like to go out: Bar Averechts. Favorite restaurant: Asli.